Barrington Stoke - Dyslexia friendly

Barrington Stoke are dedicated to cracking reading! They know that every parent wants their child to become a reader, and every teacher wants their students to make the jump from learning to read to loving to read. Their books are commissioned, edited and designed to break down the barriers that can stop this happening, from dyslexia and visual stress to simple reluctance.

Struggling readers can often be put off reading just by the thought of having to read 'baby books'! This is not an issue when they're reading Barrington Stoke books. You will see 2 circles at the side of every book below, one shows IA = Interest Age the other RA = Reading Age. This way you can ensure that the story your child is reading is not only readable for them but also relevant to their age and interests too! 

A must have collection of books for struggling reluctant and dyslexic readers. Comedy, ghost stories, real-life drama, fascinating facts or thrilling adventure: there's a Barrington Stoke book that will keep your child turning the pages!